Perimeter Security in Ohio

With large expanses of rural areas, Ohio has many commercial and industrial businesses that need perimeter security. Whether you need a secure place to store your trucks or a safe border around your construction site, consider a solution from AMAROK. Our electric security fences keep unwanted visitors out, protecting you from robbery or property damage. 

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Business Security Needs in Ohio

In Ohio, roughly 3.2% of properties experienced crime in 2022. Of these property crimes, 1.9% were thefts and 0.7% involved damages. Motor vehicle theft was also an issue, making up 0.3% of crime that year. Businesses and commercial properties are often targets for these crimes because thieves can get more valuable products. 

Most counties in Ohio consist of primarily rural areas. These areas are often more complicated to defend and have fewer eyes on them, making them attractive targets. Even in the state’s populous cities, like Cincinnati and Cleveland, higher overall theft rates can lead businesses to seek more robust security solutions.

Benefits of Installing an Electric Fence

Many commercial property owners choose to defend the area with an electric fence. This security solution creates a strong perimeter around your property. It’s often cheaper and more effective than other security measures like guards, dogs or security cameras. 

If you’re looking for a way to defend your Ohio commercial property, choose AMAROK for several levels of electric fencing, ensuring you can find an option that suits your business. Our solution operates on a subscription-based model, meaning you pay no upfront costs while receiving ongoing support and maintenance. The most popular option we offer is The Electric Guard Dog Fence, which provides benefits like:

  • Tall Fence: A 10-foot-tall barrier fence is a visible security measure that acts as the first line of defense.
  • Memorable Shock: The fence delivers a medically safe yet memorable jolt of 7,000 volts when intruders attempt to breach through. 
  • Lights and Alarms: Breaches set off an alert system, which gives intruders another reason to flee. 

For additional security, you can choose The Electric Guard Dog 30 Series, which has twice as many electric wires and three times more fiberglass poles. 

Other Security Features We Offer

When you invest in an electric fence in Ohio, you want it to fit your business’s unique needs. AMAROK offers customizability with features you can add to enhance your security:

Electric Fence With Sign

Local Industries Served

Ohio is home to various industries, and AMAROK provides reliable protection for many of the state’s most prominent ones. We protect lots that store essential business equipment like trucking and landscaping vehicles. We also install fences for building supply lots, equipment rental companies and construction sites. 

Other sectors served include metal recycling and critical infrastructure like energy companies. With applications across multiple industries, our fencing solutions can protect outdoor areas or commercial buildings, keeping your business and property safe. 

Ohio and Beyond Client Testimonials

Many Ohio businesses have trusted us to create security solutions for their business. AMAROK helps prevent 99% of external theft, giving you peace of mind that your commercial or industrial property is protected:

*Data collected from AMAROK business cases.

Our Installation Process
Throughout the United States

Here’s an overview of the procedure we use for installing electric fencing:

Once the Ohio electric fence installation is complete, we are your security partners, offering customer support and technical assistance throughout your system’s life span. 

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Speak to a Local Representative

AMAROK has a network of local representatives across the United States. Our representative for commercial security in Ohio can provide specific expertise for the unique state and local regulations your business faces, so talk to an expert today by reaching out online.