Perimeter Security in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s sprawling rural communities and bustling industrial areas attract many businesses to the state. These characteristics can pose a challenge for companies operating there. The police can’t monitor every site at once, whether it’s in the city or a more remote area.

With AMAROK’s ultimate perimeter security, your commercial property, customers and assets get the protection they need and deserve.

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Why Commercial Security in Oklahoma Is Essential

While declining over the past few years, Oklahoma’s property crime rate per 100,000 residents still outpaces the national average. Law enforcement reported over 7,400 burglaries at nonresidential locations in 2022. Property destruction accompanied some of these events, increasing the losses businesses incurred. Add in motor vehicle theft, and the issue’s scope considerably broadens.

These losses can multiply quickly if your customer assets are involved. Your company may face reputational damage and lose customer trust, resulting in fewer future earnings. Partner with AMAROK to help prevent those outcomes with customized electric fencing in Oklahoma.

Why Consider an Electric Fence?

An excellent solution to perimeter security is an electric fence tailored to your business. We’ll work with you to select and install the best system for your business’s needs and risks. 

These options protect better than conventional approaches, like hiring human guards. Our popular Electric Guard Dog™ Fence is highly effective and can stop 99% of external theft with:

  • A formidable barrier: This solution integrates with many styles of existing fences and towers 10 feet high to provide an unmissable physical barrier.
  • An unpleasant greeting: Thieves who attempt to breach the fence attract attention to their actions by triggering ultra-bright LED lights and sirens.
  • A memorable deterrent: Persistent criminals who contact the Electric Guard Dog Fence receive a medically safe, legal 7,000-volt shock to make them reconsider.

AMAROK offers these systems through a unique security-as-a-service model. That means you pay one monthly fee for installation, maintenance and repair, so there are no upfront costs to you.

Multilayered Security Options for Maximum Protection

Earn up to four times the return on investment in critical asset protection with AMAROK. We offer many ways to help you customize your security through fence enhancement options and a multilayer security approach.

Enjoy time off-site by combining your perimeter fencing with FORTIFEYE™. This solution adds video surveillance and professional monitoring, which meets dual verification requirements. Protect higher-risk areas with our exclusive Sentinels that respond with more lights and sirens if a breach occurs. AMAROK can even help you secure your structures against unauthorized entry with comprehensive building intrusion detection.

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Our Industry Expertise

The property you own, the assets you have and the industry you work in are unique. Those challenges demand a perimeter security partner capable of understanding and meeting them. Count on AMAROK to do so. Our expertise spans many industries, including:

We’re also experts in perimeter solutions for critical Oklahoma infrastructure, such as oil and gas assets.

Learn About Our Customers’ Successes

AMAROK has a history of getting results for businesses in Oklahoma and beyond. Watch how we helped a New Mexico RV and marine dealer take external thefts to zero — and keep it that way for over 12 years. Or, watch this video to see how we outperformed simple video surveillance for Top Gunn Equipment in Texas.

*Data collected from AMAROK business cases.

How We Deliver Perimeter Security Nationwide

AMAROK isn’t just an electric fence company in Oklahoma. We provide ultimate perimeter security countrywide with a hassle-free installation process.

We start with a site visit to evaluate your property’s specific challenges and risks, then design a customized solution for resolving them. You’ll work with a dedicated project manager while our in-house compliance and legal team handles all the permitting bureaucracy. Our team will revisit your property to go over site preparation before scheduling your installation and training your staff. Materials arrive, and our skilled techs install the fence. After installation, you’ll transition to Customer Care for ongoing service and support.

Work With Your Local AMAROK Security Expert

We help businesses across the U.S. through a dedicated local expert team. They know the jurisdictional requirements and how to design the best solution to meet them and protect your assets. Connect with your nearby AMAROK representative to take the next step toward smarter perimeter security.