Perimeter Security in Washington

Washington is home to hundreds of thousands of businesses, big and small. If you’re one of the many companies operating in the Evergreen State, you’ll benefit from having perimeter security installed within your property. Commercial theft is rampant throughout the United States. It’s high time you protect your property from unwanted visitors with AMAROK’s top-grade security solutions.

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Security Needs in Washington

Washington is the state most impacted by retail theft in the United States, according to a study released by Forbes in 2023. Stop theft before it happens with dependable commercial security in Washington.

Whether you’re in the retail industry or not, keep intruders away from your property with effective security solutions from AMAROK. Keep your assets safe 24/7 with electric perimeter fences and other heavy-duty security enhancements.

Why Install an Electric Fence?

An electric fence effectively deters intruders and thieves from entering your property. AMAROK offers a range of cost-effective perimeter solutions to commercial property owners, helping you save thousands of dollars on security costs. The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence is our flagship electric fence solution that has been proven to prevent external theft for 99% of our customers after installation. Our products also offer other benefits, such as:

  • Solar-powered solutions: Our environmentally friendly equipment uses solar power and remains “on” even during power outages.

  • Real-time alerts: In case of breaches or damage within the perimeter, you get real-time alerts for prompt action.

  • Bright warning signs: Easy-to-spot signs are a visual deterrent even from afar. They also warn potential intruders about the electric wires and fence surrounding the property.

  • Cutting-edge technology: Our electric fence offers security that simple chain links can’t provide. Intruders risk physical consequences when they cross the fence.

  • Ongoing equipment maintenance and upgrades: AMAROK charges no upfront costs. With a manageable monthly subscription, you enjoy ongoing maintenance and upgrades to keep your system up-to-date.

Other Security Features We Offer

Aside from The Electric Guard Dog, AMAROK has a variety of other security solutions. Boost the efficacy of your perimeter security in Washington with the following:

  • Sentinels: Loud noise, flashing red and blue light bars and blaring lights. These visual and audio deterrents are effective at scaring intruders away.

  • Cameras: The Fortifeye™ Commercial is the perfect companion to our Electric Guard Dog fence. The system allows you to keep an eye on your property remotely.

  • Intrusion detection: Wireless motion detection lets you monitor your property and limit access to specific areas whenever and wherever you are.

  • Security enhancements: The Electric Guard Dog 30™ Series High-Security Fence serves as an extra layer of defense. It includes more safety enhancements, such as fiberglass poles and 10 additional electric fence wires.
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Industries We Serve

Wherever your property is, we have experienced specialists ready to provide Washington electric fence installation services. We work with various industries and businesses in the area, including:

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

AMAROK’s services go beyond the state of Washington. Our customers from a wide range of industries and across the United States see the value in the level of protection our products provide. We take pride in their satisfaction as demonstrated by these testimonials:

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Providing Security Solutions Across the United States

At AMAROK, ensuring a high level of security for our customers is paramount. We follow a comprehensive process for our client base throughout the United States, beginning with a no-cost site survey. Our team of experts thoroughly assesses your site to identify its security needs. We then assign a Compliance Manager to secure permits and ensure compliance according to local and state jurisdictions.

Once your property gets cleared, your dedicated project manager will schedule the installation and have the equipment shipped to your location. Your staff will also receive training on our operating system. Post-installation, our Customer Care team will continue to provide support.

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Talk to Our Experts About Perimeter Fencing in Washington

Are you looking to get a reliable electric fence in Washington? AMAROK can help you find effective security solutions for your property. Contact us, and we’ll connect you to a representative in your area.