Trucking Company Takes Full Measures to Protect its Semis from Theft and Vandalism


In a word. Crime. Crime was the continuous problem. Criminals infiltrated the entire area, and Tom Nehl Truck Company was a prime target for theft. After the loss of five toolboxes—one of which contained more than $40,000 worth of tools—as well as numerous tires and other valuable goods, Nehl hired a security guard and installed perimeter beams, which had some effect, but did not provide the needed sense of security. After purchasing a lot directly across the street, Tom Nehl Trucking determined that additional deterrence was essential to protect its property, assets, and people.

THE Solution

The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence now surrounds both perimeters and has brought theft at Tom Nehl Trucking to a complete halt. The solar-powered, 10-foot-tall fence stands just inside the existing chain link perimeters and delivers a medically safe 7,000-volt shock when touched. Bright yellow multilingual warning signs placed every 30 feet throughout the perimeter provide an initial layer of deterrence that, to date, every would-be thief has heeded. If and when an enterprising criminal attempts to touch, climb, or cut The Electric Guard Dog Fence, lights and alarms activate, and their activity will be monitored, recorded, and reported to local police.


“If a customer knows that we’ve got an electric fence and his truck is on our yard, he feels a whole lot more confident in leaving it with us.”

THE results

While other businesses are victimized by theft, Tom Nehl remains theft-free since the installation of Electric Guard Dog. No break-ins translates into enhanced peace of mind for all involved: employees, customers, and management. “There’s a trust that we are covered,” says Nehl, “[and] a definite sense of peace of mind when we drive away from the facility on weekends or holidays.”

THE benefits

Customer confidence has escalated drastically since The Electric Guard Dog Fence installations, which means increased business, revenue, and profitability.