Metal Management Company Eliminates Nightly Break-Ins and Increases Employee Peace of Mind


At Sims Metal Management in Sacramento, California, theft occurred on a nightly basis. Several times, the boldest thieves broke into the property with employees still in the yard. On-premises safety and security drastically suffered. Missing inventory affected all aspects of the business. No conventional security option deterred these thieves—not cameras, security guards, nor the pruning or removal of shrubs. The 2,500-foot fence perimeter had too many weak spots. Finally, management decided to apply more serious and effective tactics to eradicate this criminal infestation.

THE Solution

After consulting with numerous suppliers, Sims Metal Management chose AMAROK to surround its perimeter with The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence. It’s solar-powered, 10-foot-tall, and delivers a safe-yet-effective 7,000-volt shock when touched. Clear and visible multilingual warning signs posted every 30 feet add deterrence. Lights and alarms also activate if the fence is touched, climbed, or cut.

AMAROK has provided electric security solutions longer than any company in the United States, which was the main reason why Sims chose The Electric Guard Dog Fence.


“Prior to the electric fence, thieves would break in at night, every night. Inventory was routinely stolen. There were a few times they didn’t even wait for the crew to get out of the yard before they were jumping in. The situation created multiple safety and security issues.”

THE results

After resolving some municipal compliance issues, The Electric Guard Dog Fence was installed, and theft frequency dropped from nightly to never. Since installation, Sims Metal Management has experienced zero incidences of external theft. “They are still out there,” says Frank Barbeau, Regional Operations Manager, of the criminals, “but they know our fence is electrified, so they leave us alone to seek more vulnerable targets.”

THE benefits

As with other AMAROK customers, employee peace of mind now exists, whereas, before, it was noticeably non-existent. Employees no longer have to consider the possibility of interrupting a break-in during working hours. The elimination of theft at the Sacramento location prompted Sims Metal Management to install The Electric Guard Dog Fence at its Richmond, California, facility.